In my opinion, Kevin Gosselin is one of the most important contributors to the customizer toy world. He brings so much uniqueness to the table and has some serious skill.

Here we have two “work in progress” shots from Kevin of a combo commission for a private collection. First is a 5” Madl and then there is a 2011 Betso Dunny with Kevin’s signature bedtime character riding on the back.

From Kevin:

"He really wanted me to make this madl in the inca style so as with all my work I read up as much as I could about them and of course was really fascinated by machu picchu, so I did my best to create that sort of world on the madl.  Now I just hope I can pull of the colors to make it like I see it in my head

as for the betso, that’s all the collector, he said he’d love to see my ready for bedtime character riding on the back„ much like realistic rabbit rider I created and so that’s exactly what I did, hard working so small but I think he came out great, i love that little dude, expect to see more of him :-)”

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