AVATAR666’s Custom Dunny Series On Sale NOW……

This is the first design of the Aztec gods series that he wil make, based on the first custom of 8 ” that he made called Mictlantecuhtli (“El señor de la Muerte”).

The Custom is signed and numbered, pirographed wooden box and card included.
Is there a chase?
Yes, 1 of 7 customs will be different.

Price: 95 usd + shipping (around 20 usd)
You can pay in 2 parts, an advance of 50% and the rest when the customs are ready to be shipped

if you pay the total cost of the custom from the beginning will be better
The deadline to reserve your custom is until the next Monday 20 August (upon payment)

After that date he will publish the list of those who have placed your order.

He only accepts paypal
please send payment as gift or add 5% for paypal fees

make sure to send him an email if you have any questions..

Work is completely handmade so can be slight differences between one piece and another.

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