JUST STRAIN CRAZY. a bud inspired series by stoney Oakland artist, JRAD…..

On July 29th this series of different strains of herb will release at 12pm Noon PST, 3pm EST. 

What’s included in each blind box?  More than you think my friends…

Each $95 Blind Box will include:

  • Hand painted 3” Dunny (various strains listed and pictured above)
  • Etched Nug Jar (with dunny’s strain etched on each jar)
  • Stickers and an extra hidden secret or two…?
  • Also, the original sketches for each strain will be randomly placed in select boxes.

Oh, SNAP. What’s that dunny in the background…?

As a bonus, there is not only a GOLDEN NUG(ticket) hidden somewhere in this series of 25 blazed little dunnys, but Dope Vinyl will be doing a GIVEAWAY of the Just Strain Crazy prototype PURPLE BRAIN 3” dunny by JRAD!!!!

STAY TUNED to see how you can win this rad little Purple Brain dunny made by the man himself, pictured below..

More information and photos coming soon..

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